Studying at the last moment with Dinuka and Ravidu

Its August 27th and now it is almost close to the mid night, which is ideally the end of the day. Well not in this week. Myself working (actually face-booking and doing nonsense) in the living area of the boarding place and Dinuka, at this time, who feels so sleepy, having a nap on the abandoned old bed kept aside.

Ravidu who’s very concentrated as usual is working in his room struggling to figure out what and how to study.

There are quite a lot of funny things when three of us are together. Dinuka once he fall asleep the posture does not count. He was sleeping in a “King having a siesta” posture which really made myself laugh out loud.

I guess its worth telling about the exam. Well to start with let me talk about the Maths subject. Having visited all the lectures with no delay at all, there nothing we have learn. Not at least a single word was understood.

Having spent the lectures cursing all the mathematicians in the world, there was no-one to raise our sorrow (of potential exam repetitions). The graph theory lecture was quite interesting, well I mean it was less uninteresting. Noteworthy, our beloved teacher for the Graph theory subject had her last lecture in the university and it was a nice day to talk with her and have some photos for the memory list.

All the other lectures relate the same conventional blame on the inventors of the respective theories and principles.

Having spent a hectic semester now we are at the mere end, having 3 days left to the exam, and studying the work of the entire semester. One might think it is impossible but this is what is most possible doing rather than studying work then and there, when they are taught in lectures. Of course there are people who study all the semester around and get good grades. Well we too get fairly good, sometimes better (smile face) grades, but none in our boarding place play the aforementioned “good student” role.

Though this seems really stressing, this seems to be the best way to work around. Because having worked in the last moment we get a good lesson for the coming semester, which we never follow (laughing face). But we managed to learn so many new technologies and to release out website where we learn so many things that we might have never learn in case we spent our lives studying grades.