I haven’t been ever

With anybody together

Can you be happier

If I be closer


closer we’ll try

But I feel shy

promise that you’ll try

to not make me cry


My heart is pure

Like an eternal cure

For all you lure

Let’s make it sure


My heart is naive

My mind is a hive

your strange mild thrive

make me wanna dive


My heart is broke

My brain in stroke

It’s you who can probe

And make it strong


I am not a mender

or a magic blender

But my heart might render

a touch to heal your slender


My heart is so apart

All i need is your part

To make it a one heart

And to hit with cupid’s dart


Sense of little crush

Is making me blush

Since I’m a lush

Let’s keep it hush


All started with a like

Moving uphill like a hike

Shall we start our romance like

Romeo Juliet had in life


My heart will blow

if your love flow

So I like it slow

and to keep it low


All I ask is a big yes

From you my princess

Will make you a mistress

In my heart fortress


You wanna make me sway

With LOVE as you say

But to end this play

“NO” is a polite way

Girl verse credits: Darika Sellahewa
Image source:

Blogger | Traveler | Programmer PhD Scholar

Blogger | Traveler | Programmer PhD Scholar