It was a busy day’s night that we booked a bus to go to Ampara. It was not an ordinary trip. It was us, myself, Darshana, Dulmini and Chathuri who had plans to help schooling students and school leavers.

Though it was bit of education it was fun filled. After getting into the bus at 8pm from Colombo it too 9 long hours for us to drop by Ampara. Then again we had to take another bus from there and move to my friend Nimash’s place.

Without any sleep we had to run the next day. As a usual day it started early around 7.30 and we went to Ampara D. S. Senanayake College. It was my day, where I had to teach C# (computer programming) for school leavers. It was a tired day, yet having the happiness of helping others. The class ended around 3pm.

We were able to arrange a car after having a chat with a boy who was in the class to have some routing. The car arrived at 5pm and we visited Deegawapiya, which is considered as one of the great Buddhist places in Sri Lanka.

Next day was the day we had the seminar of O/L students. It was conducted by Nimasha and some fellow school leavers. In the meantime myself and Darshana was in the computer lab where Darshana taught C (Computer programming) for some school leavers.

In the evening we were able to arrange a visit to the Gal-Oya plantations sugar factory. It was a great and an opportunity of a life time to visit such a place in my life. We were lucky to see the entire process of making sugar.

In case someone is curious this is the place where “Gal Arakku” is manufactured, by using sugar residue.

After having all these fun, indeed not everything is told in this small post, we were ready for our return journey at 6.45 bus from Amara which we took at 7.15pm from Nimash’s place.

After all it was a journey of life time where I got to see a rural place, where students force themselves hard to win the life.