Using SAGEConv in PyTorch Geometric module for embedding graphs

Graph representation learning/embedding is commonly the term used for the process where we transform a Graph data structure to a more structured vector form. This enables the downstream analysis by providing more manageable fixed-length vectors. Ideally, these vectors should incorporate both graph structure (topological) information apart from the node features…

Introduction to variational autoencoders and their application Bioinformatics/Metagenomics analysis

Autoencoders, in general, intend to learn a lower-dimensional representation of data. One of the main advantages of autoencoders is that they are capable of learning much complex lower dimensions whereas PCA-like decompositions are limited by their linear nature. Feel free to have a look at my article about auto-encoders.

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An in-depth exploration of sequence vectorization and applications

In one of my previous articles, I mentioned how and what is vectorization. In gist, the process enables us to convert variable-length nucleotide sequences into fixed-length numeric vectors.

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For all the programming lovers, the link is below;

However, in this article, I will rather focus on utility and research importance…

Super-fast and parallel file writing with memory mapped IO

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What is a Memory Mapped File?

A memory mapped file is a segment in the virtual memory. Virtual memory is an abstraction on physical memory which is provided to the process by the operating system (OS). Should the OS run out of memory or see a process idling for long, such virtual memory segments will be…

Build your own Smart TV with the help of a Raspberry Pi Zero device

Are you bored with your ordinary TV? Do you want to expand your media experience to a whole new level? Yet you are limited with the budget? Like me? Well, this would be the perfect Smart TV solution!

Disclaimer: This tutorial might not be complete and can contain differences. Google…

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